Any Stewbot is cool, but the absolute coolest of all are those that are custom built. Because they are tailored around the special requests of the customer, they can come in a variety of styles and each one provides the ultimate in unique personal individuality, limited only by the extent of your imagination...

Stewart has produced all manner of pimped-up versions - Punk-bot, Barrister-bot, Hero-bot, Footie-bot, Wrecker-bot, Angler-bot and more. To distinguish them from standard Stewbots, these are called Tribute-bots.

Tribute-bots can emulate a revered figure or be based on a person’s occupation, their hobby, their habits, their character, the team they follow, embarrassing stories, their fondest memories - even their saucy secrets.

If you want something special for somebody really special, just say the word!

Tribute-bot commissions start at £300.

For more information, contact