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The handmade, highly collectable wooden robot sculpture that is made in the UK and is raising warm smiles worldwide.

Whether you are a craft lover, an art collector, a shrewd investor or simply a fan of fabulously cute Robots, Stewbot will tick your box and impress your friends. It doesn’t matter if you are buying for yourself or as a gift for others, you’ll find Stewbot is the perfect choice. And, because each Stewbot is a strictly hand crafted ‘one-off,’ no two models are identical, which means that yours will have its own unique personality complete with an individual creation date and numbered authentication certificate.

Stewbot fans confirm that the little bot warms-up the mantlepiece, takes the chill off the boardroom and shines right out of the gift box - all the while raising spirits, breaking the ice, prompting conversation and invoking heartfelt memories. And, our characterful little robot comes complete with a crystal clear conscience because all the components are responsibly sourced and as planet friendly as we can make them.

On top of all that, Stewbot looks great too!