Stewbot calling to the faraway towns...

Introducing Stewbot number 61... Punkbot.

I was approached by the owner of the media garage, a multi, TV studio/digital media content studio, to build a  customised Stewbot. The brief was to create a punk rock Stewbot that would sit proud on the mixing desk of the recording studio. The brief included that the Stewbot would have headphones, a particular Clash Tee shirt, and of course, loads of attitude...

A really enjoyable Stewbot to make, along with some challenges. Due to the fine detail of the Clash tee shirt, I decided to create  a dry transfer for this, so I could get a really great replication of the tee shirt. Some hand masking for the ripped sleeves of the tee shirt. The belt was challenging, and thanks to the kind donation from family of the leather strap of a hand bag, I was able to buy some metal spiked studs to create an authentic punk rock belt.

The cigarette just added "attitude" to the PunkBot, however, I am not sure a wooden robot smoking is a good idea..

I have made other customised Stewbots, and if you are looking for a personalised commission, please contact me at I would be happy to discuss your requirements.

 Stewbot PunkBot

Stewbot - PunkBot

Stewbot - PunkBot





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